Leeds Chiefs have to announce that their home games between now and the beginning of January will have to be played out of alternative rinks.  The games affected are:

  • Leeds v Milton Keynes Lightning on 1st December will be played in Milton Keynes with a faceoff of 5:30 pm
  • Leeds v Peterborough Phantoms on 7th December will be played in Peterborough with a faceoff of  7:00 pm
  • Leeds v Basingstoke Bison on 15th December will be played in Basingstoke with a faceoff of 5:30pm
  • Leeds v London Raiders on 21st December will be played in Coventry with a faceoff of 7:00pm
  • Leeds v Telford Tigers on 28th December will be played in Blackburn with a faceoff of 5:00pm
  • Leeds v Hull Pirates on 1st January will be played in Blackburn with a faceoff of 6:30pm
  • Leeds v Bracknell Bees on 4th January will be played in Blackburn with a faceoff of 5:00pm

Simon McGuinness, General Manager of Planet Ice Leeds said;

“We are seeing developments on the rink site on a daily basis and the rink is scheduled to open for Christmas. But for us to be able to launch the Leeds Chiefs Ice Hockey Team onto home ice on Elland Road we want to make sure that the arena is in the best condition for fans to really enjoy watching the exciting team and great match night experience.”

Sam Zajac, Coach of Leeds Chiefs said;

“Its been a hard week for the team in light of the theft of our equipment, but this team is tough. We are all sticking together through the harder times and our on ice performance is boosting as a result. We appreciate all the help the Chiefs fans and the wider hockey community has offered us. The rink is very nearly there and we are on our final push to bring hockey to Leeds.”

Ticket prices for the “home” games in the Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Basingstoke venues will be released shortly and will be available to purchase from 12 noon on Monday 25th November 2019 and the games played out of Blackburn will be at the same price as the previous games (Adults £12.00, Children £6.00 & Families £31.00).